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17 Nov 2021

Timeless design with a classic Bauhaus-inspired throw

As the evenings become dark and chilly, we can bring warmth and cosiness to our homes with carefully chosen accessories. If you are looking for a seriously warm throw, in an inky and sophisticated winter palette then look no further!

A classic Wallace Sewell design, inspired by the work of the Bauhaus movement, the 'Firle' is woven on a fine wool warp with a cotton chenille weft.

This heavyweight throw uses a double-cloth weave to create the complex patchwork pattern, but as the name implies, the double cloth consists of two layers of fabric, making this ideal for cold winters. These throws have a luxurious drape and an inviting tactile quality.

The Firle colourway was designed to have a deep, inky, moody aesthetic - difficult to capture in a photograph but looks fabulous within a dark interior.

Confusingly, 'chenille' can refer to both the yarn and the fabric created by that yarn, but the name comes from the french word for caterpillar - think fuzzy and soft!

Chenille is a relatively recent invention compared to most textiles, dating back only to the eighteenth century. The yarn is actually woven and then sliced in-loom into strips so that the weft thread creates the textured pile of the yarn.
Fabric mill foreman Alexander Buchanan was the first person to develop chenille yarn into a fabric when he developed the textile to make extra warm shawls in Scotland in the 1830s.

These Chenille throws are very large, measuring 155 x 235cm (61 x 92.5")

50% Wool /  50% Cotton
Dry Clean Only

Special discounted price - £369
(available until Tuesday 23 November 2021)

Only available directly from Wallace Sewell so visit us in-store or online to shop or find out more. As always, if you would like to speak to a member of the team for colour, fabric or style advice please get in touch!