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17 May 2022

Wool and Cashmere Tippets But what's a tippet?

It will come as no surprise that we love scarves! We believe that we've got styles that work for every outfit, occasion and temperature - but what if you don't want to wear a scarf but still want to add some colour and interest to your look?

Let us introduce the Tippet!

Somewhere between a scarf, a cravat and a neckerchief, these short luxurious scarves are patterned with dynamic stripes, bold colours, and fringed with a ruffle. When we designed these, Emma knew exactly what we should call them... tippets!

"It was a word that my mum would use for a small simple scarf that is tied with a single looped-through knot.
My mum was a colourful character who loved language and had a diverse vocabulary. She would use unusual or ‘esoteric’ words all the time, in her general ‘parlance’! "

These little decorative scarves are surprisingly versatile, but we know from customer feedback that it can be hard to imagine how they would fit with your current wardrobe so we have put together some different looks to show you. check out our Instagram highlights.

Tippet details:
50% Wool  /  50% Cashmere
20cm x 92cm
8" x 36"

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Find all ten colourways, across two designs on the website.
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