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Reducing Waste

As textile designers we love fabrics and hate to see any going to waste. We work hard to minimise waste in our production process and endeavour to use our textile by-products in creative ways.

Our scarves are woven with a selvedge running down either side of the fabric. The selvedge stabilises the fabric while in loom and when it is washed. When processing the scarves, the selvedge is cut off; we use these as gift-wrapping and in our Ribbon Bundles, which you can buy on our website here.

We also use our surplus selvedges in our Handloom Weaving Kits, where you can create miniature works of art and experiment with weaving at home.

When weaving our products, there is always a short length of extra fabric woven at either end of the roll; this is to protect the scarves and throws during the finishing process when the fabric is washed.

When the fabric rolls return to the workroom to be processed by Andrea and her team at the mill, the additional fabric is cut off. We then repurpose this into our One-Off cushions and also include the surplus in our Offcut Fabric Bags, which are perfect for craft projects at home.